March 29 2006

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Oct-3-2005 Solar Eclipse

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An exiting experience (Circolo Didattico S. Giuffrida, Catania)

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Measuring the light curve of the eclipse

Pupils of the "Circolo Didattico S. Giuffrida" in Catania have performed an experiment to record the variation of the light during the eclipse. The experiment was prepared with the help of astronomers of the Catania Astrophysical Observatory. The experiment was built using part of toys largely known to the pupils.

Images of the equipment

The experiment consisted in recording the time and the voltage produced by a small photovoltaic panel.
Most of the pupils of the "Circolo Didattico S. Giuffrida" were involved. Each 2 minutes pupils wrote carefully the data and the experiment was a success.

The final light curve

Some of the pupils (class V E) have also prepared home work on the experience. Here following there is a limited selection of the papers and paintings produced.

Reports and paintings